It's Fine... It's Andy- Audio CD

Genres: JazzMusic
Released: Nov 16, 2004
℗ 2004 Drewbone Music



In this album dedicated to Frank Rosolino, he plays for the first time with Jan Lundgren who states: "Andy has taken the best from Frank Rosolino and Carl Fontana and developed a sound of his own. He is a complete musician with good taste and lots of creativity in his playing. Seldom do you meet a musician that is at 'one' with his instrument. To work with Andy was sheer pleasure, so easy and all the time swinging. Without doubt, I dare say he's absolutely one of the greatest trombonists in jazz today. I can't wait to play with him again!"

Track listing

1. Carl (Bill Holman)
2. Street Scene (Newman)
3. Doxy (Sonny Rollins)
4. The Night Has a Thousand Eyes (Bernier-Brainin)
5. From This Moment On (Porter)
6. Flamingo (Anderson-Grouya)
7. Get Happy (Koehler-Arlen)
8. Nightingale (Wise-Cugat-Rosner)
9. He Ain't Got Rhythm (Berlin)
10.I'm Shooting High (Koehler-McHugh)
11.We'll Be Together Again (Laine-Fischer)
12.Take Me Out of the Ballgame (Norworth-Von Tilzer)